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DCMS CARES provides access to affordable prescription medications at more than 600 retail pharmacies in the DFW area. We make it easy for physicians to participate:

Manage your current patient enrollments.

How does DCMS CARES work?
As a participating physician, you may submit names of up to five of your patients for enrollment in the program. Each patient will be enrolled in the program for 12 months and will receive a pharmacy card that represents a $750 subsidy to cover the cost of prescription medications. When your patient submits to a retail pharmacy a prescription you’ve written, the patient will pay an $8 copay for generic medication or a $20 copay for brand medication. The balance of the medication cost will be deducted from the $750 subsidy. The formulary is generic but allows for single-source brand medications. For a patient with long-term medication needs we will conduct a workshop about Prescription Assistance Programs that are offered by pharmaceutical manufacturers and how to apply for the programs. View terms and conditions. See FAQ's below.

Who directs the program?
DCMS CARES is overseen by the Community Service Committee and administered by DCMS staff. Christopher Berry, MD, is the medical director.

How is the program funded?
The DCMS Foundation submits grants and solicits donation from the philanthropic community and corporations.

If I have questions, whom do I contact?
Contact Deanna Wooten, DCMS Vice President of Information Technology, at deanna@dallas-cms.org or 214-413-1431.


Process for enrolling your patient [PDF] [YouTube Video]
Information to give to your patient [English PDF] [Spanish PDF]

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: My practice is no longer located in Dallas County. Can I still participate in DCMS CARES?
Answer: Yes. DCMS CARES is a benefit to our members. As long as you are an active member of the Dallas County Medical Society then you are eligible to participate.

Question: I am interested in using this program for my uninsured/under-insured patients but my time is very limited. Can a member of my staff enroll and manage my patients in DCMS CARES? If so, then is there a training or orientation available for members of my staff?
Answer: Yes. As a registered physician you may share your login information with a member of your staff whom you have designated to handle DCMS CARES. Additionally, we can schedule a visit to your practice in order to provide a brief orientation to your staff.

Question: My patient does not live in Dallas County. Can I enroll him in this program?
Answer: Yes. Patients who live outside of Dallas County can be enrolled in DCMS CARES. DCMS’ partnership with CVS/Caremark allows your patient to fill his prescriptions at any of the 64,000 participating retail network pharmacies nationwide.

Question: How much time does it take to enroll a patient in DCMS CARES?
Answer: Physicians and physicians’ staff report that they spend less than 5 minutes enrolling a patient in DCMS CARES!

Question: My patient is “under-insured”. Is she eligible for DCMS CARES?
Answer: Yes. DCMS CARES is intended to help member physicians care for their uninsured and under-insured patients.

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