DCMS Membership/Member Services Committee

This committee reviews DCMS member services and their impact on membership statistics. The committee makes recommendations regarding member services, events and DCMS Circle of Friends, and suggests policies regarding public use of membership data. It proposes membership events, and makes suggestions regarding membership recruitment and retention. The committee meets quarterly. Staffed by Pamela Lowery, Deanna Wooten and Cara Jaggers
Alexandra Dresel, MDChair
M. Brett Cooper, MD 
Kathryn Calhoun Cornelius, MD 
Jeremy Epstein, MD 
Rachel R. Gardner, MD 
Rainer Anil Khetan, MD 
Jessica Lee, MD 
Elysia Moschos, MD 
Dawood Nasir, MD 
Riva Louise Rahl, MD 
Jorge Arturo Saldivar, MD 
Stephanie A. Savory, MD 
Nilofar Ikram Syed, MD 
Kathryn Kimbrough Waldrep, MD