DCMS Women in Medicine Forum

When the Women in Medicine Committee was formed in 2016, the committee comprised the 25 or so female leaders on the DCMS board of directors, committees or delegation. The goal was to give women physicians a means to focus on issues affecting them in academic medicine, public policy and public health - locally and statewide. The group has addressed work/life balance, contract negotiation, burnout and mindfulness, and addiction. To expand the reach of the committee, it has reorganized as the DCMS Women in Medicine Forum, with programs open to all women physicians. Staffed by Jon Roth
Sue Scher Bornstein, MDChair
Hania Alaidroos, MD 
Greta Vance Brodsky, MD 
Chevelle Brudey, MD 
Donna L. Casey, MD 
Alexandra Dresel, MD 
Lauren Elizabeth Ford 
Sumana Gangi, MD 
Maureen Shevlin Gutierrez, MD 
Jordan Han 
Temple S. Howell-Stampley, MD 
Roma Mukesh Mehta, MD 
Angela N. Moemeka, MD 
Karen B. Saland, MD 
Michelle J. Won