Mailing Address: 
Dallas County Medical Society 
PO Box 4680 
Dallas, TX 75208-0680 

Phone: 214-948-3622 
FAX: 214-946-5805


Physical Address: 
Dallas County Medical Society 
140 E. 12th St.
Dallas, TX 75203 


Jon R. Roth, MS, CAE
Executive Vice President/CEO
Tony Favrat
Vice President of Operations/CFO

Anna Acuña
Vice President
Business of Medicine/Advocacy

Jackie Campbell
Director of Finance
Rebekah Canfield
Executive Assistant


Lindsey Dawson
Business Development Manager

John Hall
Printer/Building Management
Cara Jaggers
Director of Event Planning

Pamela Lowery
Director of Marketing/Communications 

Lauren Williams
Communications and Publications Manager

Steve Winn, CPA
Deanna Wooten
Vice President
Membership Operations/
Information Technology  

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