2017 DCMS Initiatives

Legislative Session
During the legislative session which begins Jan. 10, DCMS and the TMA will focus on about 1,000 bills that legislators will file that affect the practice of medicine. DCMS will work with TMA to follow these bills, provide testimony of DCMS members, and accompany physicians to meet with their legislators. A primary focus of the session for DCMS is the coordination of members’ First Tuesday visits to Austin, part of TMA’s First Tuesdays at the Capitol program. The DCMS director of advocacy makes appointments with legislators and accompanies physicians on their visits.  Contact Tracy Casto to attend with other DCMS members.

TEXPAC is the political action committee of the TMA. TEXPAC is undergoing its third year of renewal of focus, structure and membership recruitment. DCMS is participating in the renewal process along with the other county medical societies across the state in order to increase membership and ensure that TEXPAC represents the varied views of DCMS members. DCMS physicians who serve on the TEXPAC board of directors join DCMS TEXPAC members to meet and evaluate candidates, and make recommendations regarding endorsements to the TEXPAC Candidate Evaluation Committee. DCMS members who serve on the TEXPAC Board as Senate District Chairs are Drs. Sue Bornstein, Debbie Fuller, John Gilmore, Steven Hays, Seth Kaplan, Lee Ann Pearse, and John Scott. Senate District Vice Chairs are Drs. Shaina Drummond, Walter Evans, Rainer Khetan, Roger Khetan, David Mercier, Cliff Moy, Rick Snyder, and Lisa Swanson.      

Access to Care and Vulnerable Patients/Dallas Choice Plan
The Access to Care and Vulnerable Patient Committee was formed in 2015.The committee concentrates on providing access to health care for patients who are uninsured, economically distressed, immigrants, isolated Medicare, dual-eligible Medicare, and Medicaid. The committee collaborates with the DCMS Socioeconomics Committee on the publication of a report on the State of Health Care in North Texas from the perspective of physicians, covering the viewpoint of those without health insurance.  

DCMS Circle of Friends
DCMS Circle of Friends is a sponsorship program that connects area businesses with DCMS physicians. Circle of Friends members have the opportunity to talk with physicians at DCMS events and receive discounted advertising rates in the Dallas Medical Journal, DCMS e-Pulse and the DCMS Directory of Members. 

HealthPAC is DCMS’ political action committee and was created in May 2004. HealthPAC is a nonprofit, unincorporated committee of individual allopathic and osteopathic physicians and their families, medical students, and residents who are DCMS members. It is not affiliated with any political party. 

Endorsements and contributions are limited to candidates running for offices that serve Dallas County exclusively — no statewide races receive PAC funds or endorsements. The PAC also can contribute toward public health issues. Annual dues are voluntary and are $28.

The purposes of HealthPAC are to:
  • Elect Dallas County Commissioners Court members, the Dallas County judge, District Court judges, and other local or countywide candidates who actively will support the healthcare industry of Dallas County and the patients it serves.
  • Strive for the improvement of government by encouraging and motivating physicians and others to take an active and effective role in governmental affairs.
  • Encourage physicians and others to understand the nature and actions of their government as to important political records, office holders and candidates for public office.
  • Assist physicians and others in organizing for more effective political action and in carrying out their responsibilities as good citizens.
  • Uphold the tradition of individual liberty and support the rights guaranteed by the US Constitution.

Women in Medicine

The Women in Medicine Committee was created in 2015 to focus on issues affecting women in academic medicine, private practice, medical education, public policy, and public health, locally and statewide. The committee is charged with exploring the development of appropriate interventions to further the role of women in medicine. 

Dallas Medical Operations Center
DCMS is a founding member of the Dallas Medical Operations Center. DMOC provides a forum for sharing health resources among facilities, and works to ensure effective deployment of health and medical resources to disaster locations throughout the county. DMOC provides a clearinghouse for real-time event communication among area hospitals, public health and emergency management entities. DCMS continues to be the communications point of contact for physicians during a public health emergency, and during such an emergency, assists the Dallas Medical Reserve Corp by recruiting physician volunteers for designated shelters. A section of the DCMS website is dedicated to disaster/pandemic information.

Mass Critical Care Plan
In 2010, a regional collaboration of leaders, including physicians, hospital representatives, ethicists, clergy, legal professionals, public health experts, and elected officials, came together as the North Texas Mass Critical Care Task Force with the goal of creating clinical guidelines for use by physicians, hospitals, first responders, and other healthcare professionals during an overwhelming disaster. In a disaster when medical resources may be overwhelmed, these guidelines best ensure survival for the most patients. The guidelines adopted were based on successful models in numerous states, and contain a framework in which healthcare providers, hospitals and other clinical settings can create their decision-making tools. The task force meets periodically to update the guidelines and to receive reports on their implementation among area healthcare systems.

State of Health in Dallas County Project
This project will produce an annual report on the condition of the healthcare delivery system in Dallas County. This report, written by physicians, will provide a descriptive analysis of how they and their patients experience the healthcare delivery system in Dallas County by using published and verified data that directly address the critical components needed to obtain and maintain one’s health. The report will be prepared by the DCMS Socioeconomics Committee and DCMS Access to Care & Vulnerable Populations Committee.