The Dallas County Medical Society, established in 1876, is a professional organization that has grown from 30 physicians to more than 8,000 since its inception. Members are local physicians, medical students and residents dedicated to serving Dallas area patients in matters of medical care. Throughout the changes that have taken place in medicine, DCMS has remained a leader at the local, state and national levels.


The mission of the Dallas County Medical Society is to promote public health, advocate for physicians and their relationship with patients, while upholding professionalism in the practice of medicine. 


A healthy community

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Membership in the Dallas County Medical Society is conjoint with membership in the Texas Medical Association. DCMS provides valuable services, programs and advocacy for physician members throughout the Dallas area. The online application is available via TMA's website.


The goals of the Dallas County Medical Society for 2018-2019+:

  • Trusted Community Resource – Be the recognized leader and resource in public health.
  • Advocacy – Provide a powerful common voice protecting patients, physicians, and their relationship, while serving as thought leaders and conveners to model positive change.
  • Payment and Practice Models – Be a strong proponent of quality, value, and viability in diverse practice models.
  • DCMS Membership Strength – Be the pre-eminent medical society with a diverse membership and united leadership.



  • Patient-centered
  • Integrity
  • Diversity
  • Protector of the profession
  • Camaraderie among members
  • Enabling access to care

As a member of the Federation of Medicine, along with the
Texas Medical Association and the American Medical Association, DCMS focuses on local medical issues. DCMS provides services to physicians as well as to the public, such as in administering polio vaccines and distributing AIDS educational booklets to Dallas public school students. DCMS is active in supporting public health issues, such as increasing immunizations, preventing obesity, and supporting smoke-free Dallas.

During the Texas legislative sessions, DCMS physicians are involved in influencing legislation as it pertains to the quality of care delivered to patients. Physicians travel to Austin to meet with legislators and discuss issues pertinent to medicine as they advocate for quality patient care.

Nationally, DCMS physicians are known for their research on issues such as Gulf War Syndrome and Alzheimer's disease. Each year, The Charles Max Cole, MD, Leadership Award recognizes a DCMS member physician's contribution to medicine and the Millard J. and Robert L. Heath Award honors a layperson who has positively affected the medical community.

In addition to a bi-monthly DCMS electronic newsletter, the "e-Pulse," DCMS publishes a monthly magazine for members. The Dallas Medical Journal informs physicians and their office staffs of legislation affecting health care, member events, the business or practice of medicine, and other issues pertinent to medical care. The DCMS Directory is published annually and lists the complete membership by name, specialty and location. Advertising opportunities are available for both publications. Other community services include a free countywide Physician Finder service, a speakers bureau and a mediations committee. Information about these services is available by calling 214-948-3622.


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