Join TEXPAC to Ensure that Lawmakers Hear Texas Medicine’s Voice

TEXPAC (Texas Medical Association Political Action Committee) is a physician-driven organization that relies on the active participation of physicians across the state. The board of directors includes 31 physicians, each of whom represents a state senatorial district.

TEXPAC’s candidate endorsements are based on recommendations from the candidates’ local physicians and medical society Alliance members, as well as on a candidate’s positions and ability to win.

TEXPAC’s grassroots activities play a key role in the legislative successes of the Texas Medical Association. Much of that success is attributed to the involvement of physicians and Alliance members in local campaigns. By getting involved, physicians and Alliance members can establish strong working relationships with candidates and educate them on the complex issues in medicine.

TEXPAC assists physicians in these efforts by providing resources such as candidate briefing documents and talking points about important issues. TEXPAC also hosts fund-raisers, sends out endorsement letters, produces direct-mail pieces, coordinates phone banks, and organizes other activities to help congressional, legislative and judicial candidates across the state.

One of TEXPAC’s most recognizable efforts is the distribution of slate cards. Since 1988 when it launched the "Clean Slate in ‘88" campaign to restore balance and fairness to the Texas Supreme Court, TEXPAC has distributed millions of slate cards statewide each election cycle to provide voters with a slate of fair and honest judicial candidates.

Physicians need to participate in the political process. As has been noted, “If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu.” Your TEXPAC membership enables Texas physicians to have a strong voice in campaigns across the state.

Find out why DCMS member Rick Snyder, MD, supports TEXPAC at the Patron level. His article in the March 2016 Dallas Medical Journal explores the importance of physicians being involved in TEXPAC and in politics overall.

To join online or for more information, visit For just $99, you can help shape the future of Texas medicine. Contact Anna Acuña, Vice President, Business of Medicine/Advocacy, at or call 214-948-3622 to join TEXPAC.

TEXPAC Committees: Approved by TEXPAC Board May 2019

DCMS Chair 
John Scott, DO

Steering Committee
Steve Hays, MD
Seth Kaplan, MD
Executive Committee
John Gilmore, MD
Candidate Evaluation Committee:
Lisa Swanson, MD
Lee Ann Pearse, MD

Senate District 2: East Dallas County
Chair: John Scott, DO  and Lisa Swanson, MD
Vice Chair, Place 1: Jim Walton, DO
Vice Chair, Place 2: Sam Chantilis, MD
Vice Chair, Place 3: Brent Bost, MD
Vice Chair, Place 4: John Gilmore, MD
Vice Chair, Place 5: Christopher Ryan Cook, DO
Senate District 8: Far North Dallas County (Split with Collin County)
Chair: Lee Ann Pearse, MD and Seth Kaplan, MD
Vice Chair, Place 1: Todd Pollock, MD
Vice Chair, Place 2: Mark Casanova, MD
Senate District 16: North Dallas County
Chair: Bob Gunby, MD and Roger Khetan, MD
Vice Chair, Place 1: Les Secrest, MD
Vice Chair, Place 2: Zachary Jones, MD
Vice Chair, Place 3: Michael Vengrow, MD
Vice Chair, Place 4: Walter Evans, MD
Vice Chair, Place 5: Deborah Fuller, MD
Senate District 23: Central and South Dallas County
Chair: Steven Hays, MD and Rainer Khetan, MD
Vice Chair, Place 1: Gates Colbert, MD
Vice Chair, Place 2: Jeff Plagenhoef, MD
Vice Chair, Place 3: Bob Fine, MD
Vice Chair, Place 4: Hania Alaidroos, MD
Vice Chair, Place 5: Christine Becker, MD

HealthPAC — A great return on your $28 investment

HealthPAC is DCMS’ political action committee. It was created in May 2004. Annual $28 dues are voluntary and are listed on the DCMS dues statement.

HealthPAC is a nonprofit, unincorporated committee of individual allopathic and osteopathic physicians and their families, medical students and residents who are members of Dallas County Medical Society. It is not affiliated with any political party.

The purposes of HealthPAC are to:

  • Elect to local or countywide offices (including the Dallas County commissioners, Dallas County judge, and District Court judges) candidates who actively will support the healthcare industry in Dallas County and the patients it serves.
  • Support and strive for the improvement of government by encouraging and motivating physicians and others to take an active and effective role in governmental affairs.
  • Encourage physicians and others to understand the nature and actions of their government as to important political records, office holders and candidates.
  • Assist physicians and others in organizing for more effective political action and in carrying out their responsibilities as good citizens.
  • Uphold the tradition of individual liberty and support of the rights guaranteed by the US Constitution.
Endorsements and contributions are limited to candidates running for offices that serve Dallas County exclusively — no statewide races (i.e., Legislature) will receive funds or endorsements from HealthPAC. The PAC also can contribute to public health issues, such as the effort to pass a citywide smoking ban in public places.

A $28 annual contribution to HealthPAC will ensure that elected officials hear Dallas physicians’ voices. To join your colleagues in HealthPAC, contact Anna Acuña, Vice President, Business of Medicine/Advocacy, at or call 214-948-3622.