Dallas County Medical Society and its charitable foundation, the DCMS Foundation, have a long and rich history of supporting the Dallas County community. These organizations touch the lives of people living in our community and provide DCMS members with meaningful opportunities to use their medical skills to improve health outcomes. Your donation to the DCMS Foundation will make a difference in the health of our community. Here are a few of our key initiatives. 

DCMS Disaster Relief Fund
When a series of tornadoes destroyed two physician practices in 2015, the DCMS Foundation raised emergency funds to help the physicians and their staff.  You might not think such a disaster will happen to you, but when it does, it can be devastating. DCMS leaders established this fund with the sole purpose of offering cash assistance to members and their staff who are impacted by the devastation of disaster. When your practice is destroyed, or the homes of your staff are destroyed, insurance coverage may not be enough. We saw this first hand in 2015, when we witnessed the gratefulness of the staff and physicians who received financial support from the DCMS Foundation. Help us be ready for the next disaster.

Greater Dallas/Fort Worth Association of Charitable Clinics
DCMS loves our Charitable Clinic partners! Since our earliest days of running Project Access Dallas, we learned how incredibly valuable these clinics are to our community. They literally touch the lives of the vulnerable patients all across our county. We encourage you to support these clinics directly with your cash donations. But we want you to give serious consideration to volunteering your time in one as well. Contact DCMS to discuss which clinic might suit your availability and interest. When you look these patients in the eye, we promise you will remember why you became a physician in the first place. Visit http://txcharitableclinics.org/ for a list of clinics.

Regional Science Fair
DCMS supports science education! The next generation of scientists and physicians need your help. Help the DCMS Foundation provide a cash prize for the winners of the Senior Medicine and Health category of the Regional Science and Engineering Fair. DCMS physicians are among the judges of some 1,100 science projects created by area high school students. Pictured to the right:  DCMS physician judges for the 2020 Beal Bank Regional Science and Engineering Fair Special Awards were Matt Sloan, MD; Preeti Malladi, MD; and Archana Rao, MD.

Conference of the Professions

The DCMS Foundation provides funding for the Conference of the Professions, an annual event co-sponsored by the Cary Maguire Center for Ethics and Public Responsibility at Southern Methodist University, UT Southwestern, The SMU Perkins School of Theology, and the Dallas Bar Association. For over 30 years, the conference has convened physicians, attorneys and clergy to build community relationships and discuss important issues such as domestic violence, poverty and end-of-life care. Your donation helps DCMS stay active in this important community event and bring the ethics of the professions to the front of mind for leaders across North Texas.

Annual Medical Student Dinner
The joy and pride of starting medical school are evident each year on the faces of over 300 incoming freshman medical students at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School and third- and fourth-year students at the Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine Clinical Training Program in Dallas. DCMS Foundation helps celebrate this special moment in their lives by welcoming each student into the family of medicine with a dinner and evening of advice and encouragement from DCMS physicians. Your donation helps fund the dinner and sets the tone for how they experience DCMS and organized medicine. Pictures below taken at the 2018 Student Dinner held at the Frontiers of Flight Museum.

Domestic Violence Awareness
The heartbreak of domestic violence is real. Physicians know this well, and the DCMS Foundation is playing a part in helping victims of such violence by providing resource cards to social service agencies, healthcare offices, law enforcement agencies, hospitals, women’s shelters, and nursing homes that list signs and symptoms of abuse, legal protection available, and phone numbers of shelters and pertinent law enforcement agencies. Your donation helps DCMS continue to print these materials and get them in the hands of someone who needs a life line. Can you help?

Hard Hats for Little Heads
Do you know a fearless child who takes risks? We do too. Learning to ride a bicycle, a skateboard, in-line skates, and other new toys is fun, but it can be scary if you fall without wearing a helmet! The DCMS Foundation contributes to Hard Hats for Little Heads. This program provides children’s helmets and safety information to families, educating them on the importance of wearing a helmet to help prevent life-altering or fatal brain injuries while bicycling, roller skating, skateboarding, or riding a scooter. Help us protect those little brains! (Image on left)

Southwest Transplant Foundation

The gift of life, the sharing of your organs to save another, is a beautiful way to help others. That is why the DCMS Foundation has been a proud supporter of the Southwest Transplant Foundation for over 20 years. In fact, we are a founding sponsor. This organization assists the families of organ transplant patients with funds for necessities such as medicine, rent, phone bills, and transportation expenses not covered by insurance. DCMS past president and creator of the Live And Then Give campaign, Phil Berry, MD, is the founder of the SWTF. Your donation directly to SWTF or through the DCMS Foundation is greatly appreciated. Visit www.swtransplant.org for additional information.

Texas Medical Association Minority Scholarship 

Getting into medical school is hard enough. Paying for it is harder. Each year, the DCMS Foundation joins many other Texas county medical societies to fund a scholarship for a deserving minority medical student to encourage minority students to pursue medical careers. Please help us with a donation! This may be your personal physician some day!
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Jesus Valencia (pictured left) of San Antonio graduated from St. Mary’s University in 2019 with a bachelor of science degree in biochemistry. He will attend UT Southwestern Medical School in Dallas. After earning his medical degree and completing his postgraduate work, he plans to practice primary care or anesthesiology in a medically underserved rural area near El Paso. The TMAF Bayardo Minority Scholarship Fund and Dallas County Medical Society provided Mr. Valencia’s scholarship.