The Dallas County Medical Society has recently endorsed Shadowing in Medicine, a new organization for undergraduate students at the University of Texas at Dallas. 

What is Shadowing in Medicine?

Shadowing in Medicine (SIM) is an undergraduate pre-medical organization at the University of Texas at Dallas that matches qualified undergraduates with professional mentors in an effort to teach some of the practicalities of medicine. Many students enter medical school without a full understanding of what the medical field entails. Some have never had patient contact. Others find they are not comfortable seeing large amounts of blood and other bodily fluids. A further subset finds that they are not comfortable with the doctor-patient relationship.

Shadowing is an important step in understanding what work in the medical field is actually like, but undergraduate students find it difficult to come by dedicated shadowing experiences. It’s relatively easier to find something at either extreme, such as volunteering without patient contact or scribing. However, there are few available opportunities in the middle of this spectrum. SIM aims to fix this issue by providing undergraduate premedical students with first-hand shadowing experiences in a variety of disciplines so that they may better understand their choice to pursue a career in medicine. 

How does it work?

UT Dallas students must submit an application, letters of recommendation, and a transcript to be considered for a position in the shadowing program. Once accepted, students are matched to physicians based on schedules and specific interests. There is a projected 4-6-week time period for each placement, with rotations possible as the program develops. In preparation for clinical shadowing opportunities, students participate in HIPAA/CPR/first aid training, as well as earn leadership certification from UT Dallas. 

How can physicians get involved?

If you're a practicing physician and interested in partnering with Shadowing in Medicine or would like more information, please contact Paarth Kapadia, UT Dallas Community Outreach Coordinator, at, or visit their facebook page.