DCMS Directory

One of the many valuable services of DCMS is access to our robust database of physicians in North Texas. Prior to membership approval, all physicians’ credentials and education are verified and documented. All contact information is available online via Physician Finder or in our print version of the DCMS Directory. 

DCMS members are mailed a free copy of the annual DCMS Directory in June. Member physicians can purchase additional copies for just $40 each (+ shipping & tax). The DCMS Directory is useful for patient referrals, nurses’ stations, medical records and other physician-finding missions.

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If you are not a physician, but your career requires reaching Dallas-area physicians, the DCMS Directory is a valuable reference tool trusted by physicians all over North Texas. The following information is included on DCMS/TMA member physicians only: 

  • alphabetical and geographical listings
  • up-to-date street and e-mail addresses, and telephone and fax numbers
  • medical specialty and practice type information and photos
  • member physicians in local residency programs
  • a listing of agencies, hospitals and large group practices

  • DCMS MEMBER PHYSICIANS – Please take a moment to use our online Physician Finder and confirm that the office information listed for you is correct. Note also that a member profile is emailed annually in October to each member for review. Please email any changes to Deanna Wooten or call 214-948-3622. 

     If you are a physician and do not find your name in the Physician Finder database, contact Deanna Wooten, VP of Membership Operations/Information Technology, or call 214-948-3622 or Apply online via TMA's website.

    DCMS Directory Ordering Information

    Purchase the latest DCMS Directory for up-to-date information on over 6,800 physicians in the Dallas area! Only a limited number of directories are available for purchase, so hurry and purchase your copy today!  

    For more information, email Jackie Campbell or call 214-413-1428 to place a credit card order. NOTE: Orders must be pre-paid. Please remember to add shipping charges and THEN the tax to your orders. Shipping will be delayed for orders received with inaccurate payment.