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Initiating buprenorphine treatment
Texas HHS medication assisted treatment resources
Resources and training information from SAMHSA
New DEA training requirements and CME opportunities

NARCAN(Naloxone) ordering for physicians, free doses available for patients through UTSA program. Physicians can request up to 24 units per order with this link from their website. They can request more once it has been distributed to their patients. The program now offers intramuscular naloxone. Email [email protected] for information.


Medicaid and CHIP eligibility redeterminations are happening now across Texas, and outreach is needed to patients to ensure continued coverage. Over half a million Texans lost coverage in June, many of whom likely remain eligible but were removed due to procedural issues or lack of response. Physicians and staff are uniquely positioned to share information with patients and help them retain coverage in CHIP and Medicaid or to get Marketplace coverage. DCMS recently partnered with the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services to host a webinar that provides the information physicians and their staff need to help patients through this process. Many thanks to DCMS Board Member Dr. Marcial Oquendo for speaking on the webinar. Additionally, there are local resources available to assist patients with their redetermination and enrollment process. The United Way has 35 federally funded navigators that provide free enrollment assistance. View the full-length webinar {password: Bt+ky80y}

Medicaid and CHIP Continuous Enrollment Unwinding: What to Know and How to Prepare, A Partner Education Monthly Series
Outreach materials for use with patients and additional resource
Every Texan Medicaid Unwinding Texas Update and Resources
Graphics for posting in your office can be found here for printing
Navigator assistance is available for individuals needing help with their Medicaid or CHIP redetermination or Marketplace coverage. Services are federally funded through the United Way of Greater Dallas and are free to patients and navigators can travel to meet patients. Navigators can also assist with connections to other social services. They can also be reached by phone: (214) 978-0042

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Mental Health Support

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