The North Texas Mass Critical Care Guidelines were created and adopted by the North Texas Mass Critical Care Taskforce, which includes hospital, health system, physician and disability communities from across North Texas. They provide an ethically sound, clinically objective, practical, non-discriminatory, and transparent triage guideline for allocation of limited medical resources in the event of a mass critical care situation (disaster, pandemic, etc.) during which the demand for hospital and critical care resources exceeds supply.

The Guidelines were developed with several overarching goals in mind: 1) to save as many lives as possible; 2) to help patients and families in North Texas become aware of the difficult decisions health care providers must make during times in which the demand for medical resources outstrips the supply of such resources; and 3) to seek consistency in decision-making about how those scarce resources will be allocated.

On January 11, 2021, the North Texas Mass Critical Care Taskforce received the US Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Civil Rights (OCR) seal of approval for the revised and updated Guidelines. You can read OCR's statement about the Guidelines here.

Stakeholders from the disability community that collaborated with the North Texas Mass Critical Care Taskforce on the revised Guidelines issued endorsements in response to the OCR seal of approval and adoption of the Guidelines by the North Texas Mass Critical Care Taskforce. You can read those statements here and here.

The approved Guidelines can be found here: Mass Critical Guidelines for Adults