DCMS Communications Committee

This committee oversees the communications strategies between DCMS and its members. It provides feedback on existing and potential tools to disseminate DCMS' message. The managing editor of the Dallas Medical Journal, the e-Pulse, the website, media relations, and all other DCMS publications and web-based tools works with the committee to assess the effectiveness of communications and identify ways to better engage membership via social media. The committee meets quarterly. Staffed by Pamela Lowery
Gabriela M. Zandomeni, MDChair
Drew Wilson Alexander, MD 
Michelle JB Caraballo, MD 
Joy Lo Chen, MD 
Seemal Rohit Desai, MD 
Joseph Maxwell Hendrix, MD 
Haania Kakwan 
Talat Jehan Kheshgi, MD 
Ann Marilyn Leitch, MD 
Shamin Masrour, DO 
David Scott Miller, MD 
Anil Kumar Tibrewal, MD 
Kristie Tu 
Joseph Robert Wyatt, MD