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2024 DCMS Board of Directors

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View DCMS members who have been appointed by the TMA president to serve on a TMA board, council or committee. The groups have varied meeting schedules and terms of service. Physicians who would like more information about a committee or who are interested in serving should email us.

Board of Directors

Full NameTitle
Deborah A. Fuller, MDPresident
Shaina M. Drummond, MDPresident-Elect
Donna L. Casey, MDImmediate Past President
Gates B. Colbert, MDSecretary-Treasurer
Neerja Bhardwaj, MDMember
Sheila Chhutani, MDMember
Philip P. Huang, MD, MPHMember
Rajeev Jain, MDMember
Raghu Krishnamurthy, MDMember
Aekta Malhotra, MDMember
Marcial Andres Oquendo Rincon, MDMember
Anil Kumar Tibrewal, MDMember
Joy Lo Chen, MDBoard of Censors Chair


AMA Alternate Delegate1134AMAALTAMA Alternate Delegate
AMA Delegates1134AMADELAMA Delegates
Dallas County Physicians PAC1134HPACDallas County Physicians PAC
DCMS Board of Censors1134CENSORSDCMS Board of Censors
DCMS Communications Committee1134COMMDCMS Communications Committee
DCMS Community Emergency Response Committee1134EMRESPONSEDCMS Community Emergency Response Committee
DCMS Constitution and Bylaws Committee1134BYLAWSDCMS Constitution and Bylaws Committee
DCMS Investment Review Committee1134INVESTDCMS Investment Review Committee
DCMS Legislative Affairs Steering Committee1134LASTEERDCMS Legislative Affairs Steering Committee
DCMS Legislative Grassroots Advocacy Sub-Committee1134LEGISDCMS Legislative Grassroots Advocacy Sub-Committee
DCMS Member Services Committee1134MBRSERVDCMS Member Services Committee
DCMS Nominating Committee1134NOMINATEDCMS Nominating Committee
DCMS Physicians' Wellness Committee1134RECOVERDCMS Physicians' Wellness Committee
DCMS Socioeconomics Committee1134SOCIOECONDCMS Socioeconomics Committee
DCMS Women in Medicine Forum1134WOMENDCMS Women in Medicine Forum
TMA Alternate Delegates1134TMAALTDTMA Alternate Delegates
TMA Delegates1134TMADELTMA Delegates