About DCMS

The Dallas County Medical Society (DCMS) is the professional association representing physicians, residents and medical students in Dallas County. DCMS has grown from 30 physicians to over 9,000 since its inception in 1876. DCMS is a leader at the local, state, and national level, and is the second-largest medical society in the country.


To promote public health and advocate for physicians and their relationships with patients, while upholding professionalism in the practice of medicine.


A healthy community.


Trusted community resource – To be the recognized leader and resource in public health.

Advocacy – To provide a powerful common voice protecting patients, physicians, and their relationships while serving as thought leaders and conveners to model positive change.

Payment and practice models – To be a strong proponent of quality, value, and viability in diverse practice models.

Membership strength – To be the pre-eminent medical society with a diverse membership and united leadership.


  • Patient-centered
  • Integrity
  • Diversity
  • Protector of the profession
  • Camaraderie among members
  • Enabling access to care