DCMS HealthPAC Board

HealthPAC gives DCMS physicians a voice in Dallas County political races that affect the practice of medicine. The PAC focuses on Dallas County Commissioners Court races and local judicial races. HealthPAC membership dues fund contributions to political candidates as well as other countywide initiatives. Each member serves a one-year term, and all can be reappointed. Positions are at-large, and the board is limited to seven members. Staffed by Anna Acuña
Rebecca Lee Euwer, MD 
David Ira Kabel, DO 
Thomas Kemp Russell, MD 
Deborah Anne Fuller, MDChair
Justin M. Bishop, MD 
Casey Ruoying Cai 
Gates B. Colbert, MD 
Cindy Lou Corpier, MD 
Jennifer Ann Denning, MD 
Odunmorayo Lawal 
Yolanda R. Lawson, MD 
Pradeep Singh Parihar, MD 
Austin D. Street, MD 
Kanupriya Vijay, MD