DCMS Socioeconomics Committee

The committee explores the role and relevance of physicians in an evolving healthcare landscape to ensure value. This committee is charged to study, recommend and implement programs, services and activities that are valuable to members in operating their medical practices. The committee meets quarterly. Staffed by Anna Acuña
Evan Scott Bates, MDCo Chair
Jim Walton, DO, MBACo Chair
Leyka M. Barbosa, MD 
Brent Wayne Bost, MD 
Christopher Ryan Cook, DO 
Rohit Rau Das, MD 
Shashi K. Dharma, MD 
Raymond L. Fowler, MD 
Angela Fulgham Gardner, MD 
Paul Douglas Hain, MD 
Munir Enrique Hazbun, MD 
Shamim Khozema Khambati, MD 
C. Turner Lewis, III, MD 
Angela N. Moemeka, MD 
Rajasree J. Nair, MD 
Marcial Andres Oquendo Rincon, MD 
Viralkumar V. Patel, MD 
Baran Devrim Sumer, MD 
Charles P. Van Duyne, MD