DCMS Alternate Delegation to the TMA House of Delegates

The TMA is governed by a House of Delegates, a legislative and policymaking body. Each medical society is allotted a number of delegates according to its number of members. The number of alternate delegates is unlimited; they serve when a delegate cannot. Delegates consider resolutions regarding changes or additions to TMA policies that are brought forward by other physicians. If the House adopts the resolution and if it has nationwide appeal, it may be forwarded to the AMA for action. The House meets annually during TexMed in the spring. The DCMS delegation meets once a few weeks before TexMed and once during TexMed. Staffed by Jon Roth and Anna Acuña
Matthew G. Brooker, DO 
Emma L. Dishner, MD 
Jeremy Epstein, MD 
Warren E. Lichliter, MD 
Nathan P. Long, MD 
Preeti Malladi, MD 
Dan Ken McCoy, MD 
David Wayne Mercier, MD 
Benjamin R. Morrissey, MD 
Dawood Nasir, MD 
Marcial Andres Oquendo Rincon, MD 
Adnan Rafique, MD 
Roy Lynn Rea, MD 
Grant P. Redrow, MD 
Tami R. Roberts, MD 
Anjali N. Shah, MD 
Lisa Carole Taylor-Kennedy, MD 
Joe B. Ventimiglia, MD 
Jim Walton, DO, MBA