DCMS Members on TMA Boards, Councils and Committees

These DCMS members have been appointed by the TMA president to serve on a TMA board, council or committee. The groups have varied meeting schedules and terms of service. Physicians who would like more information about a committee or who are interested in serving should contact Jon Roth at jonroth@dallas-cms.org or 214-948-3622.

Committee on Child and Adolescent Health
Chair Lisa L. Swanson

Committee on Continuing Education
Member Michael J. Chiu

Committee on Emergency Services and Trauma
Member Heather S. Owen

Committee on Infectious Diseases
Member Trish M. Perl

Committee on Medical Home and Primary Care
Medical Student Section Rep Alice Jean
Member Caryn M. Forbes

Committee on Membership
Member Arathi A. Shah
Member  Gabriela M. Zandomeni

Committee on Physician Distribution and Health Care Access
Member Gates B. Colbert 
Member David W. Mercier 

Committee on Physician Health and Wellness
Consultant V. Victoria Chancellor

Committee on Reproductive, Women's and Perinatal Health
Member Ian M. Ratner 

Council on Constitution and Bylaws
Chair Mark A. Casanova
Member Deborah A. Fuller

Council on Health Care Quality
Medical Student Section Alternate Representative Waqas Z. Haque
Member Richard P. Dutton
Member Pranavi V. Sreeramoju
Member Lalan S. Wilfong 

Council on Health Promotion
Chair Benjamin C. Lee
Member Leslie H. Secrest 

Council on Health Service Organizations
Consultant Robert L. Fine
Member Raymond L. Fowler
Member Archana Rao 
Member Robert E. Suter

Council on Legislation
Consultant Leslie H. Secrest
Member Lee Ann Pearse

Council on Medical Education
Chair Steven R. Hays 
Consultant John G. Fitz
Consultant Daniel K. Podolsky

Council on Practice Management Services
Member James E. Race

Council on Science and Public Health
Consultant Robert W. Haley 
Consultant Eduardo J. Sanchez, MPH
Medical Student Section
Alternate Representative
Madeline P. Smoot
Member Wendy M. Chung, MSPH
Resident and Fellow Section
Sarah E. Baker

Council on Socioeconomics
Chair John T. Carlo

Medical Student Section
Alternate Delegate to TMA Christian T. Maxwell
Alternate Delegate to AMA Ashley B. Barasa
Alternate Delegate to AMA Andrew Trinh
Delegate to TMA Waqas Z. Haque
Delegate to AMA Neha K. Ali
Delegate to AMA Punya Chittajallu 

Texas' Inter-Specialty Society (Delegates)
Alternate Delegate Rebecca L. Euwer
Alternate Delegate Steven R. Hays
Alternate Delegate Thornwell H. Parker, III
Delegate Nimesh H. Patel 
Delegate C. M. Schade, PhD 

TMA Board of Councilors
Vice Councilor Edward W. Tuthill

TMA Board of Trustees
Member At-Large Sue S. Bornstein
Member At-Large Richard W. Snyder, II
Resident Physician Trustee Justin M. Bishop 

TMA Officer
Immediate Past President Don R. Read

TMA Past Presidents
Don R. Read 2016-2017
Robert T. Gunby, Jr.
Phil Hunter Berry, Jr. 1997-1998
Robert M. Tenery, Jr. 1993-1994
David Vanderpool 1987-1988
Milton V. Davis  
William F. Ross
Leone S. Thompson, Jr.  
Charles Max Cole  1969-1970 
Milford O. Rouse  1956-1957 
Tate Miller  1948-1949 
Calvin R. Hannah  1937-1938 
John O. McReynolds  1931-1932 
C. M. Rosser  1925-1926 
Edward H. Cary  1917-1918 
John S. Turner  1912-1913 
Young Physician Section
Delegate Gates B. Colbert 
Delegate  Gabriela M. Zandomeni 

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