DCMS Resolution Deadline - Feb 21

Dallas physicians have until February 21 to submit a resolution to DCMS for the TMA House of Delegates to consider at its annual meeting in May in Fort Worth.

Something on your mind?  If you have an issue that needs to be addressed at the state or national level, you can write a resolution. Ask your colleagues if they have concerns they would like a resolution to address. Only a delegate or alternate delegate can submit resolutions to DCMS. (If the delegation leadership does not approve the resolution, a delegate can submit the resolution directly to the TMA.) The TMA delegation then discusses, revises and (possibly) passes the resolution. The TMA then uses this information to set policies and agendas.  
Resolutions must be submitted to DCMS by Friday, February 21. You can email them to anna@dallas-cms.org or fax to 214-946-5805. Please note that Resolutions must include relevant TMA or AMA policy (AMA policy if consideration by the AMA House of Delegates is requested). Go to www.ama-assn.org, type "policyfinder" in the search box, and click the link to Policy Finder. For TMA policy, go to www.texmed.org/Policy. Visit the TMA House of Delegates web page for information about writing resolutions.