DCMS Capital Campaign

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Imagine a young child whose parents completed high school and work full-time in minimum wage jobs to provide for their family. Now, add the burden of that family coming from an underserved community within Dallas County. Absent an opportunity that shows them otherwise, how does that child ever imagine themselves becoming a physician? When the cards are stacked against kids in this scenario, it is a reach that few children are ever able to realize. 

Now imagine that same child has an opportunity, perhaps through school or church, to visit a place where doctors in the community provide hands-on science lessons that capture that child’s imagination? A place that tell a picturesque story of the rich history of physicians contributing to medical science, patient care, and public health in our community. Maybe, just maybe, that young child who never would have had the vision to become a doctor, suddenly has the courage to think differently.

The DCMS and DCMS Foundation hope to make these transformations come to life with the recent acquisition of the new DCMS society headquarters building and DCMS Foundation Library of Medicine and Museum. The DCMS and DCMS Foundation building is perfectly situated in the Uptown District of Dallas at 2611 Fairmount Street, just minutes from where the majority of DCMS member physicians’ practice and/or live. 

The new building is an opportunity to become a community asset that inspires the next generation of Dallas physicians and serve as the hub where DCMS society business is conducted for the benefit of our member physicians. This special place will be a community asset that is gathers member physicians to conduct the important business of DCMS as well as volunteers to come lead interactive education programs that spur the interest of young children to see medicine as a viable profession for them. 

In order to build out the headquarters and Library of Medicine and Museum, the DCMS Foundation launched the Campaign for the Future capital fundraising effort. The Foundation is seeking to raise over $1.5 million to renovate the 1960’s building, develop the youth education outreach programs, and fully digitize a library of DCMS historical and medically-significant artifacts in order to preserve the important history of organized medicine in Dallas. These three areas are the pillars of the capital campaign.

We invite DCMS members to join us in celebrating this historic opportunity! To contribute to the campaign, please click the PayPal button below to make a credit card contribution or pledge payment safely and securely. To give by check or establish a multi-year pledge, please download and complete this contribution form and mail to:

DCMS Foundation
140 E. 12th Street
Dallas, TX 75203

To learn more about the campaign or become involved as an ambassador, please contact DCMS EVP/CEO Jon Roth or call (214) 948-3622.


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